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Omega speakers 2.0 Surveyor Oranje

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Surveyour 2.0 compact stereo speakers with built-in amplifier. It provides good sound quality and music clarity in a compact shape. It’s perfect value-to-price product, which offers good performance at affordable cost.


Input Voltage: 5V DC (USB PLUG)
Loudspeaker Output Power :3W * 2 RMS
Power supply : USB port
Frequency : 90Hz- 20kHz
Input Resistance : 4 Ohm
Works well with: Laptops / Notebooks/ Netbooks and when using external power source (e.g. power bank) they can be used with MP3 players / Mobile Phones / Smartphones, tablets, etc
Size of 1 speaker: 62 x 62 x 54mm


Gewicht 0.25 kg

Volume 0.87 dm3

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